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SO apart from these past two days, releasing two massive guides, I haven’t made a guide in over a month and i want to make one. But I want to make one that others want to see, make, and create. So I want your ideas, even if you think they are bad, just make sure it is semi possible to make in creative. So let your mind wander a bit and then tell me those ideas that you have.(Wow that sounds a bit weird… lol)


I’ve seen a few help topics asking on how to work Ball capture and tag zones!

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Ok, i will look into that, thanks @C-C


Welp, I’m pretty sure no one else besides possibly Blackhole is gonna take the time/effort to develop and release these, so here’s what I have planned.

  • Finishing my 1 and 2 Player Chess Guides (I estimate roughly 20 days or so)
  • Proper Raytracing (Maybe 15 max)
  • Making a Clicker Game (One that changes some current conventions, only 4-5 days)
  • Death Run (4-5 days)

I’m also gonna finish a project of my own (a full fledged recreation of D&D).

Finally I have a impossible guide I WILL complete at some point:

  • A full guide to recreating basic AI within gimkit and how to utilize it. (Months)

At some point I’m either gonna have to get the season pass or see if I can convince the devs to let me have it for free, which I figure could happen if I do enough revolutionary projects that benefit gimkit.

Some fun ideas I probably won’t do (also hard):

  • Guide on modding gimkit to a extreme level (You need to know either python or js)
  • Guide to planning games properly (this is actually alot bigger than it sounds)
  • Guide to using block code! (At the most extreme/advanced level)

I am gonna mention that everything I said is 100% possible, just really, really hard.
These also happen to be pretty much every claymore topic at the moment, and feel free to attempt any of them. (though if you do make it a wiki so I could help out maybe?)

I was gonna do Among Us at some point, but there’s too much on it for it to be that unique (by which I mean people gravitate towards less complex guides besides for people like you, me, blackhole, and some other people)

Last fun idea of mine for now! (Though this is a game)

  • In theory you should be able to flash on and off an overlay, right?
  • So this game is where an overlay allows mouse movement (though some neat blastball mechanics), but you still see the gim.

There are several issues you’d have to work around though:

  • Psuedo-channels (currently near impossible quantum mechanic in gimkit, I’m working on it)
  • Moving teleporters or some other sort of glitch is needed (been testing using hitboxes to fling the player)

A lot of this is complex, like very complex even for me, and i don’t know python and i’m way to new to JS to know much on it, but I can try to do some of it, but it won’t work well. But you might want to write down those ideas on a docs just to save them.

What’s a claymore topic?

What are pseudo channels?

What is this topic???
Oh you need ideas…hmmm

Yeah, sort of the whole idea… at least thats what i entended.

Maybe make a guide about Baldi’s Basics? I’m the only supporter of the genre----
you don’t have to—maybe make something that’s super advanced----

Like the no running in the halls thing…you need insane block code for that, something I wouldn’t be able to do myself.

Yeah i could try to do that to, and the running would just have to be like a button that when clicked(on screen) will edit the speed and when the button is pressed, it will trigger a notifacation. And any other function wanted.

Yes, that sounds nice. And when you enter a certain zone sprinting, it will send you to detention. Is that possible? It seems like a good idea…

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Well the tag is claymore-institution I believe, but most of my ideas belong there (my understanding is currently unsolved topics that would change gimkit).

@getrithekd, psuedo channels is a idea I thought up of while working on my chess, but isn’t really possible right now (though it is in actual code). It’s the ability to broadcast on infinite channels, and the ability to receive from any channel that starts with the letter A for example. In a case where you have a ton of buttons, it’d allow to change a property based on which button it’s recieving from without using much memory.

Proper ray tracing in 15 days, max?
That’s a pretty high bar to reach, 15 days.
Unless you mean 15 days of straight work, of course

there was a help post recently wanting how to make the cash multipliers in farmchain apparently there isn’t a guide for it

You can do that with a single channel and some triggers rerouting the broadcast to different channels.

Not quite the idea I’m getting at. The idea is you have a sub function called A, and this function checks for all broadcasts that start with A. You then can get the rest of the broadcast name as a property, allowing you to send data with a broadcast, which would pretty much singlehandedly revolutionize gimkit.

Yeah, it’s just called Clay Institute. For broadcasting on infinite channels at once, the real challenge would be to broadcast on infinite channels without using recursion.

The broadcasting isn’t really the useful piece here, but the ability to receive data. Imagine if instead of needing a trigger per button to change a property, you could do it with a single trigger.

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