More energy per question

So i want to make a vending machine that gives you extra energy everytime you answer a question for a capture the flag game and I dont really know how to do that

You don’t have to use a vending machine just use the questioner and an item granter. Question answered correctly ➡ Grant item

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Something like this

I know but i want people to buy it with energy

Buy what @unknownHEHE ?

like something from a vending machine

Something like this (just change the stuff you get and how much energy it costs)(also if you want someone to buy energy just swap it around)

Well then you can try to make what @FusionLord suggested do that the player gets energy to buy it from the vending machine but then just put “Required item” to energy and put whatever required amount you want.

Oh sorry, I didn’t see that you had basically said the same thing.

(also if you want someone to buy energy just swap it around)

I already said that

It’s okay - It happens to everyone at some point

@unknownHEHE is this what you wanted?

No so i want it to give u more energy per question ex:susan gets 5000 energy per question she buys a upgrade for 15,000 energy which enables her to 10,000 energy per question

@unknownHEHE Will your game make the players walk up to the questioner device for energy or is it a game overlay they click to answer questions for energy? (Depending on the answer I can make a little guide to help)

why a vending machine?

I believe @unknownHEHE is trying to make it like how it is in capture the flag where you can buy the upgrade to get more energy per question.

I was going to wait but I might as well assume you’re using and overlay button.
For this little guide place down two questioners and one overlay device connected to one questioner. In the overlay device, set the visibility scope to player and make it a button.

Next, copy the overlay and keep the same settings except set the “visible on start” setting to false.

Connect the first overlay to the first questioner and the second overlay to the second questioner with the same wire code as shown in the image below.

Then, place the vending machine and connect a wire to the first overlay with the code as shown in the image below.

Connect another wire from the vending machine to the second overlay with the code as shown in the image below.

Now just add the item granter to both questioners with the energy having the item granter with the normal amount of energy connected to the first questioner and have the upgraded/ more energy item granter connected to the second questioner.
This should basically make it so when the player purchases the upgrade, it switches buttons so now its a different questioner but gives more energy. Just make the overlay text the same and the questioner have the same questions and it acts just like and upgrade. (There other things to do like hiding the questioner and working with the overlays but this is a basic solution hopefully…) Also, just ask if you have any questions. :smiley:

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ok so after everything for some reason im still getting 5,000 energy AFTER the upgrade when im supposed to be getting 30k

Make sure you check all the wires and settings for the devices. I tested it out and for me and it worked just fine. Try to test different problems like change the text for the overlay buttons to make sure it even switchs the buttons and if it does switch the buttons, make sure you have it set to give the energy. Just try to go through the system of devices and troubleshoot untill you find where the issue is happening.

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