Monsters NPC Ideas and Locations (Requests Open)

Oogway here! In this guide, i’ll show you some custom monster/npc ideas that you could use! You could also request a monster idea only using props and sentries. This guide would also show some locations you can also use that would fit some bosses for location ideas, please comment below :turtle:

The turtle is supposed to be my signiture icon lol

Monsters (More Coming Soon)

Two Headed Spider Boss

Screenshot 2024-04-19 8.11.38 PM

Materials Needed: Two spiders (tinted black), ground breaking plant of any choice (also tinted black), and four red barriers tinted red. **

Stone Talus (UPDATED) (from Legend of Zelda)

Screenshot 2024-04-20 10.20.32 AM

Materials Needed: One big rock and five small rocks (one tinted blue or black)

Cone Boss Thingy (Jeremy)

Screenshot 2024-04-19 8.47.09 PM

Materials Needed: Three cones, one square barrier (tinted black), four circle barriers (Two white, two black), and a pitchfork.

We are calling him Jeremy

Barrel Man

Screenshot 2024-04-20 10.30.18 AM

His name is now Timmy lol

Materials Needed: One barrel, two circular shields, ground hay, fork, and 4 circle barriers (two tinted white and two tinted black).

No Monster Requests Yet!

IMPORTANT: Please list the props or materials I can use to make monsters!



Nice but couldn’t you have put it in:

@Master_Oogway o ok makes more sense now :+1:

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Well these monsters aren’t really bosses so I should change that (they are usually for RPGs and stuff like that).


please add tutorial i want to know how to do the spider one

It just looks like two spider props (one flipped) both tinted black, and with circle red barriers.
Also with groundbreaking plants tinted black

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very cool! (7/10)

Stone Talus:
I don’t play Legend of Zelda (4/10)

Cone Boss:
GOAT!!! (10/10)

overall guide rating: 6/10

keep up the good work!

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wait hol’ up



not 6 (and not trying to be rude)

maybe you took one off because of smth idk

The spider is great.
The Stone Talus needs some work.
Jeremy is also great.

great math!
but it wasn’t an average, those were the ratings of the builds and the overall rating was the rating of this guide, and let’s be honest… there wasn’t a guide on how to make it, it was more of a showcase…

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i mean, you a mathlete, and so am i

but yeah not having a guide doesn’t really make this Community Made Guides

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should this be idea-catalog ?

Ha nice ideas! I love Jeremy!

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I was so tired when I made the stone talus so i’ll improve it soon

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Yep those are the right materials!

make a monster of an evil rabbit, or something

ok I need materials like props

“Finally, Inner Peace…”
Anyways, cool guide! The spider looks horrifying, and Jeremy looks somewhat confused, though I like it.
And if I can make a monster request like you said:

Maybe a one headed spider boss, maybe just something like a bug.