"Modify time" buttons

In a project im making, I want to be able to modify how long the game will be. I want to add time buttons which would add 1 minute, 5 minutes, minus 1 minute, you get the idea. How exactly could this work? I haven’t tried it yet but if possible i’d put it in the pre game waiting room.

Hmm, well you could make an overlay timer to shows how much time you have left, (Wire the counter to the end game device) and just make the counter increase by the amount of time the button adds on when you press it.

it has to be an in game thing as the only device that works in pre game is the teleporter


A counter hooked up to a trigger loop which repeats every second.
The game ends when the counter hits zero.

Changing the amount of time would need a looping device increment the counter, keeping the value away from zero.