Moderators, What are the ways to get your account suspended?

@Jeffo @Pharlain What are the ways to get your account suspended on this forum? Just asking, because I’ve recently seen a lot of suspended users.

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I know this isn’t really related to the forum but I couldn’t find anything about it in the F.A.Q.


I know I’m not a moderator but I know that you can be suspended if you break the community guidelines repeatedly.

Here are some examples I’ve seen from people who got banned:

-Being too off-topic (this is a bit inconsistent as from what I know only one person got banned from this [maybe two?] It’s not something you will definitely get banned for but it’s still risky.)

-Trying to bypass moderation (I’ve seen someone get banned from trying to bypass the video limitations)

Here are some stuff that will get you banned even longer:


-Disrupting the community

-Repeatedly being rude toward others


Wait what do you mean by bypassing moderation?

Trying to bypass rule filters (like the video thing I mentioned. You can’t post videos for some reason, so a user tried to bypass that by using a link and got a short ban. That was also a repost after their original post was marked as spam.)

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Oh. Ok. Thanks a dozen.

that one person is me? i got banned for that, and for spamming.
although i barely did either of these things!
and even if i did, there were people that were way worse and didnt get banned!!!
i would name them but that would just start an argument and i as much as i love arguments, i dont have the patience anymore

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The best you can do with those kind of people is to flag them. Trying to be combative against them just escalate the situation, and may even get you banned. Flags will bring the user’s post to a moderator’s attention.

Click clack nice new profile pic

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Anyway being off topic is probably the one lots of us should stop doing


On a completely unrelated note, how do you make a group?

not the slightest
i am a bit PO’d at this forum
they banned me for almost nothing!!
and some people got away with more than I did…

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yes but its not really fair cos most people do it and dont get banned
and then some people get banned for writing one off topic message which some goody goody saw and flagged

Can you post Youtube links for Gimkit help you recorded? (You as in anyone)

that would get someone suspended i think

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No idea. I think you have to reach a certain trust level, but that might be something that is turned off for this forum.

Ways to get your account suspended/silenced:

Off-topic posting (more off-topic posting than helping)
Being rude
Being a troll
Having lots of flagged posts (basically all of the sort)
Posting too many game codes
Revealing personal stuff
Ban evading

There should be more, idk

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