Mobile Creative Editor is very bugged [user left do not reply]

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Yes, creative on mobile is very buggy, it just wasn’t made compatible for mobile devices, you can try to bypass that though by either

  1. Refreshing/Closing and Opening the game again (this can get very inconsistent, so wait for 2. and 3.)

  2. Selecting the device you want to edit the settings of (by dragging your finger across it), going to the “Layers” tab and selecting that device. The layers tab should be limited only to the devices you have selected until you select on another device/device clump or select/drag your finger on the ground.
    At this point I’d also suggest to rename your devices (by clicking on the device name and changing the name) so it’ll be easier to find devices in a device clump when trying to debug so it won’t bite you back later.

  3. Starting and Ending the game
    I don’t know why this works lol, this is pretty stupid but combine it with #2 and it’ll work like a charm. (I don’t mean it like #1 where you close the tab, I mean starting and ending the creative game)


Also, just to clarify, yes the tutorial is indeed impossible on mobile up to the copy paste part (unless you get a keyboard attached to it) because you can’t copy paste things on mobile.
If you really want to complete the tutorial, get the blueprint gim/skin and have a better overall experience, I’d suggest switching to a desktop computer.


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Maybe try a different platform

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there’s gimkit on mobile?!!?

Yes, It is super hard to use due to the size of the screen and lag. So I would recomend using PC.


Gimkit isn’t designed for mobile gameplay. As it says when you go in any game.


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Did you make that script yourself?

yeah! i worked on it, and i have a whole slideshow based on the forums

Can you send me it??? (Also lets get back on topic.)

Same I have a 17 Page google doc with important forum stuff.


cant, (school computer)

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@Caternaught, I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m just stating my opinion, I truly don’t think that the quote has anything to do with new users and it seems like an excuse to show people your bio, that’s all.

  1. @WolfTechnology i dont care if it got personal, I can state what I want to state

  2. @GimSolver its not like there is a badge on reading bios! i don’t care if they read it or not I just want to show them were it came from!



Welcome to the forums @DJD123-pp
Gimkit isn’t very optimized for mobile, I would consider using a computer instead.


Anyways, mobile has issues. Tablets are better but suffer the same problems as phones.

You can try:

  • Connecting a keyboard to your device:
    iOS/iPad OS

  • Switching to a desktop platform


I know I’m a bit late, but,
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Is this turning into a trend? Please stop linking your bio in the welcome post!
That quote isn’t even in your bio and has nothing to do with the topic or the forums and welcoming them!

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