Missions for a game

i need help with ideas for my game’s missions and side-missions. it is a rpg + shooter game with classes and 3 main types of missions, one of which being a heist mission. i just need ideas rn (this is for gimkit bounty hunters, my class based shooter with 3 classes)
Current missions:
Flora vs Fauna
Industry Clash
Placeholder (this one has no name, but it is a heist in a museum with statues that move and attack the player, they only move when the lights flicker.)

Rob Fishtopia

Make them have to dupe an item.

there are already 3 planned missions, and only 2 have names rn

Mission Replica Twist, make a replica of the Snowy Survial map, but make the objective a completely different thing.

like collecting an item as the objective? (like a heist mission)

Have you ever played Snowy Survial? lets start with this question.

yes, several times.

You have to catch bait and fish to craft blasters, keys, or postions. while runing away from zombies(Cursed) and crack a safe and hack a computer, then listen to a secret message. thats it, it takes forever to do.

So yeah, you can kind of do that.

idk how to add that, with it being a PvE game and all, and i dont feel like copying an official game mode.

Copy the map, map the objective what ever you want, thats all I am trying to say.

ok, that is a pretty good idea.
i might add that tbh

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Steal the gimfish from the fishtopia collection (this area:)

for the placeholder name: “Soul filled Statues” kind of bad, but it works

Pls don’t necropost

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