Mission help now pls

Give ideas for my new “Danger Zone” map. The point is to get the gold keycard by completing special quests around the map, get the blue flag, and use the codex.


What specific mechanics do you need help with?

Item Purchased > End Game?

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You can do something like → Button Pressed → Increment Counter
Target Value Reached → End Game?
Your Target Value would be the number of items you want


So the quest can be delivery mission, like take an item from someone and give it to someone else who is very far away and is captured by the enemy in a very guarded base. Then defeat all the enemies in the base and take their flag, then go back to the degininge being hunted by the enemy and find pages of the codex to peace together were the bunker is, the end of the game.


There are 10 quests, each giving one heavy shard. You then purchase the card and go through a very hard room to collect the flag and make it out without dying. It’s the quest idea like:

  1. Fixing the Vortex command table
  2. Creating a key to unlock a safe
  3. Helping a farmer collect a Gimberry
    Hope this helps!

Creating quest. I replied to one from about an hour ago.

That can be a great idea. Thx!

If I can finish this, I’ll give a special gift! Good luck!

Your welcome, and good luck on your map. Make sure to mark a solution!


K. Thanks so much! I’ll try my best

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This is like my Lost Rooms map, maybe add lore and/or a heal area at one point in the game, so the players can heal and not die early after a completed task and possibly loss all progress

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add upgraded weapons, or have the tasks follow a storyline

Good idea, I’m starting to think about adding those ideas my lost rooms map

How about a map in which the player has to go to different themed levels and collect a certain artifact?
After this is done the layer should trade in the artifacts for the keycard.
You could have:

  • Snowy
  • Forest
  • Medevil
  • Space
  • farm

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