Mining gamemode GKC?

How do I get the new mining game mode (which was kind of short and disappointing) in gimkit creative? I like the idea of building, and dedicated zones for building, but how do I get it in GKC? (I’m a season ticket holder BTW) Is it only in platforming or will it be/is it used in both?

If it’s not in, I want the pickaxe to have the option to damage players, and blasters having the ability to destroy ground, but if your 3 tiles away then it doesn’t auto collect.

If it is in, HOW DO IT GET IT.

Post Script: Can they also make a new 2d game mode that doesn’t use DLD physics? I understand that DLD was fun, but the new one is disappointing and will only be good if pickaxes do damage in GKC and pickaxes and the building block things are added to GKC, if they are not this entire update will be a flop.
Post Post Script: The new skins are nice :stuck_out_tongue: .

I don’t believe anything in the mining game mode has been added to GKC yet.

it not even in yet if it was I guess the pickaxe would also be in.

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Aww man! I wanted it so bad.

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Maybe wait a bit longer, they might add it! :smiley:

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also add those ideas to the nolt not the forum

Itll probably come soon!

Had the same theory.

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