(Mini Guide) How to make a Trebuchet! (Difficulty: 0/10 or ⬜)

I was just messing around on my map when I made a Trebuchet. So I guess I’ll make a guide on it!
A First Look:

So, first things first, grab a cutting board, and resize it to whatever size you want. Keep in mind that you’ll have to scale everything to match with the size of the cutting board. Next, get two blackboard legs, which will act as a stand for the Trebuchet. Grab a Sign, or a wooden pole. This will act as the pivot. Next, grab another wooden pole, preferably a longer one, and resize it to match with your cutting board. Make sure that part of the end does stick out, as this is essential for making a Trebuchet. Now, grab a wooden bowl, and place it where it is shown in the screenshot. Now grab a bag of coal and two blackboard legs and recolor the legs to a darker color, to make it look like rope. The wheel is optional, but all you need for it is a shield and a lot of wooden poles, and two black board legs. The legs are optional, though.
If you do follow all the optional stuff, this is what it might look like:

And remember, this will take a TON of layering, so if you want to know what to do for the layering, then just ask me!

Difficulty Poll:

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This seems like it should be a good guide, but you should have just kept it as a draft.

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I guess I should’ve. Didn’t really think about that, but I should have some time to work on this in a little bit.

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Alright, I finished it, so feel free to add your suggestions! (If you have any)

Wow! Nice guide!

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Thank you! Came up with the idea when I thought of a mini game, and then I was just messing around and made this. :sunglasses::thumbsup:

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This reminds me of that prodigy fight the titan thing…hmmm can that be made in gimkit??? Time to make prodigy in gimkit!


There goes 6 months or longer of your life :sweat_smile:

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I say this would be a 1/10 or :blue_square: because of the extinsive layering

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Nice guide!

Wait, you played that? That brings up some memories.