(Mini-Guide🤏) How to make a Generator! (Difficulty: 0/10 ⬜)

Someone said I should make a guide on this, so here I am.
First things first, grab an infected 3D printer This is to make it look old, if you want to make it look new, just use the regular 3D printer. Next, Grab two shields, a metal pole, and a bowl.

Step 1

Resize your printer and shields to whatever size you like. I’ve resized my printer to fit well with the basic size of the shields.

Step 2

Now, grab your metal pole and bowl. Make sure the pole is a layer below the printer, and the bowl is a layer above the pole. Resize them to fit the size of your printer.
After that, disable shadows on everything except for the printer. And remove collision on the bowl.

Step 3

Try to recolor everything to your liking, such as brighter colors to make it look new, or darker ones to make it look old. Here’s and image of a generator I made earlier.

Alternative Look

If you want to use the normal 3D printer, it may look like this:

Make sure you don’t make it too big, as it looks weird. As you can see from the images in the steps, you can see that I made that same mistake on the 3D printer.
So, learn from my mistakes!

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Speaking of learning from mistakes, always remember to put in a poll, as I keep forgetting to add in polls. (Even though this guide is pretty easy. Oh, and remember to always add in a 0/10 option in a easy guide, as I forgot to do that too.)

Nice guide!

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Thank you!

Yes, this is very helpful and easy.

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