[Mini-Guide] AI and Guide Production

AI can be used to help you make community guides, but you should avoid fully using AI tools to your advantage. AI can be problematic at times, due to its known disadvantages.


  • Use AI to generate ideas for a community guide.
  • Use AI to help generate chapters for a community guide.
  • Modify AI-generated sentences to your preference, don’t copy word-for-word
  • Check for any errors the AI made.
  • Using Bing AI for online research.

Not Recommended

  • Copying the text the AI gave you word-for word. This reduces legitimacy and legibility of guides.
  • Ignoring any errors the AI made; not checking. Remember the problems with AI.
  • Although it is still reliable, using the GPT-3.5 model. It is not as good as the Bing AI model. However, it doesn’t matter too much unless you want to get newer information.

Nice job, @twofoursixeight! Never thought of doing this!


idk… ai-generated bump?

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You can also use https://gemini.google.com/u/1 to help you make guides, but be sure to follow the rules above in the guide