Millisecond (or frame) timer + conversion

Is there a guide on how to make a timer count up? And if so, is there a way to get as accurate as possible, like to the millisecond?

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There is, using recursion. You see, you can use a “seconds into game” block combined with some recurse stuff to get some really accurate stuff.


Can you explain how? Now that I think about it, I would just need to have maybe one or two more decimal points beyond the second, so to the hundred millisecond.

it already has decimals in it, i think.

So, we don’t actually know how much seconds into game actually measures, but it must be really accurate. With a 0.5-speed repeater, we get 0.5 stuff. Try a 0.1-second repeater and see how it works.

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When you mean hundredth millisecond, you mean 0.01, correct?

Yes. That would be the level of accuracy I am looking for. The timer also needs to count up.

Interesting. I don’t know anything that would cause a delay of this timing.

Better question because I just thought of something: What is the fastest rate recursion can go without stopping?

Maximum speed with a trigger self recursing will get to 301 in a very small amount of time. How small I don’t know, but it’s not much.

Recursion limits? Remember that post? It was 301.

No, I need it to stop when I want it to. That way, I can take that time and rank people on the leaderboard and podium for my MK8 map.

Try this. It will round it to the nearest hundredth.


How does the normal round block work?

It… Rounds? I don’t know what to tell you.

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Wait… this implies that the seconds into game is more accurate than the second.

This might work along with some clever subtracting… I’ll test it out, and compare it to a less accurate 0.1 second timer… 0.1? 0.1 IS a hundred milliseconds!

I’ll leave this topic open for now. The new question is: how to convert tenths of a second into bigger units.

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It does. That why I rounded it up to hundreds.