Medieval Gim Art?

Any Gim wanted, midevil lantern next to a blue midevil banner.

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A thumbnail or a graphic?

Yea, man you need to be a tad bit more specific

It is for a thumbnail

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Sorry about not being really specific. And being off topic now.

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I can make one except it won’t be hand-drawn

Thumbnail should include:

  1. Midevil Banner behind a midevil lanturn
  2. A gim of your choice
  3. A scientist gim next to a blue chemical
  4. Digitaly drawn
  5. Any detail you want that is midevil related
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nvm my adobe isn’t loading

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Okay. No problem. You do you.

double nvm I connected to my phone instead of my mcdonalds wifi

Lol! Okay! Good luck!

can I use the josh gim i put it in all my thumbnails

Of course you can! Any gim!

Grammer corrector! :newspaper::newspaper::newspaper:

It is pronounced Medieval
Not trying to just snap at you just a note

i respelled it for them :+1:

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