Medic Healing list

So i am making a medic class on a pvp and I need help making a list so the medic can pick a teammate they can choose to give the health to

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hmmm, that is a really tough one… I think you would have to use block code if this is possible(and I am in no way an expert in the field of blocks)

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ok, i never used blocks before

I have very very very low experience with blocks so I have no idea how to do this, hopefully somebody else does.

@sir_lancelot lets hope


this is so possible but hard for people who do not know how to use player properties and stuff
but the choosing the player part is easy, but the healing part may be deemed a challenge

@Gimkitsuggestor maybe use a health granter

no what I mean is choosing the specific player to heal The SPECIFIC but the naming is easy put choosing and them HEALING SPECIFICALLY THEM is a challenge

You don’t have to ping someone every time you talk to them… just sayin’.


Selecting a specific person to heal would either have to take you off the battlefield, or put you through a long series of menus. However, I do believe I could make a medigun. It will probably take me a while though.

Don’t worry boys. The engineer is engi-here.


Just make them get med kits to drop

medic gaming
*Medic theme starts to play

yeah but what if the other team picks up the med kit and I need it to be 100 health

ha ha very funny ;-;

well than thats the twist of your game, STEALING

when they spawn you could just load them up with med kits and shield cans that they can give to their team. there is a setting where you can make items only be picked up by teammates

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Nvm you can’t tag your own team.

Ok. Finally, an interesting question! First, you need to give everyone on the medics team a player ID EXCEPT for the medic. When the medic opens up the game overlay → popup to heal someone, the game overlay also needs to broadcast on a channel that a relay receives off of. The relay needs to broadcast to a trigger to check for all players on the medics’ team besides the medic (relay → trigger) if the player id is equal to a property called Concat, which is equal to 1 right now. If it is true, set the property called MessageName to the triggering players’ name, then broadcast on a channel. The popup should receive on that channel and set its header to the property MessageName. If the secondary call to action (next player) is pressed, add one to the property Concat, and rerun everything. FYI: whenever the game overlay is pressed, Concat needs to be set to 1. If the primary call to action is pressed (heal Player), then this is where it gets interesting. Have the popup transmit to a relay, which should be for everyone on the medics team BUT the medic. Have it transmit to a trigger. Have it check if the triggering players name is equal to the MessaeName. If so, broadcast on a channel called GiveHP. Have a health granter that receives on GetHP. It can grant however much hp as you need. Hope this helped, and if you have any questions, just ask!