Mechanizing Devices

We should try and find things that devices can do in less memory as blocks (minimum 515 memory).

Aren’t blocks 500 memory?

Yeah, but you need a device to use them. A notification device is the lowest.

Would a counter be better than a property in some cases? You can have a target, or the “ “ = “ “, you can increment and decrement, reset it to
(IDK memory)

It would, but counters don’t work with checkers. You need property to use a counter with a checker.

It only is better in some cases

Quick question, what are all the devices that can use blocks? Just curious.

Properties are almost useless without blocks. So basically, anything where we have to set a property to something is better with blocks than in devices. That is only for text and numbers though.

True false values are soooo much easier with devices than with blocks.

That’s in @mysz’s essence of blocks. Or one of the tugs.

Alright, I found it. I knew it was somewhere, but I forgot.