Measurement Thoughts

I was looking at barriers when I realized that if you make them really tiny, they can be used as a form of measurement for gimkit creative. It turns out that one super downsized barrier block without the border around it is one/ fourth of a normal block like Cinema Carpet. Once I thought about this, I was like, what if I make a ruler for actually measuring the length of something in game.
Heres a Picture of this:

I dont know if I did it right though. Can you please tell me if I messed something up. This is just some thoughts you know so please dont laugh. P.S. Was I supposed to put this in the help category?
With help from the community I have now createdd the measurement system, This is heavily inspired off of @mysz 's concept.Heres the conclusion:

Forms of Measurment:
The Biggest that can be achieved using barriers is 100 tiles. Called A Baseplate(Bad name. Will change later)

The next Biggest is 40 tiles long and is called (??? for the time being)

The next biggest is called a and is 20 tiles long.It is called(??? for the time being)

The next biggest is 4 tiles long and is called a MegaGimeter

Tile. A normal block is equal to a tile. It may be called a Gimeter

The next smallest is used with barriers. It is half the size of a tile. Called a Half-Tile

The smallest that can be achieved using barriers is 1/4 of a tile. Called a Quarter-tile.

The units of measurements could keep going on but they would be used with props so we dont actually know the correct measurements for everything after 1/4 of a tile.
These names are placeholders and can be changed.
Based off @mysz 's names for the tiles

Reply to this post with any thoughts about this


This could be a really good measuring concept!


I literally was just thinking of an idea for a game and this came into my mind! Crazy right?


You could also use this idea in a Control Room


True true. Also was this post supposed to be in Help or Community Guides?

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I also dont know how to make inches yet but ill study up on it

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It should probably stay in Help, because you are asking for thoughts on your concept.


Okay, Thanks for telling me!


Let’s call one tile a gimmeter, and 1/4th of a gimmeter, a quarter-gimmeter.


No, actually 4 tiles should be called a gimmeter.

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I mean actually gimkit does count distance in tiles

Waypoints, tag zone…
Grid snap…

1 tile can be called a “tile”, 1/2 of a tile is a semi-tile, then quarter-tile, then eigth-tile, then yeah…

Nice names for the measurements

How would you do eighth tiles?

Yep, the smallest measurement you can shrink a barrier to is a quarter-tile

These replies are really helpful like semi tiles and quarter tiles

A hypothetical tile.

One gimmeter can be a tile. A gimmeter can also be referred to as a tile, if you want.


So now area in gimkit and geometry…

I feel like calling gimmeters tiles is redundant.
Maybe a 4 tile length.