Maximum Cash Cap

Okay @The_7th_Dragon solved my last post anyway how do I get it to where it changes your maximum cash cap to be upgraded like a maximum cash upgrade.

Hmmm, I am not quite sure for this, let me see if there are any similar questions I could try to find to help you, hold on one second!

There is no cap for cash, it is a object that does not take up space.

I think what @Tobias7454744745 is asking is how to upgrade the cash to a higher amount. Is that right @Tobias7454744745?

Oh, you use vending machines and wire it to the overall price.

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Does this work?


You are correct @Horses_Are_Awesome

I will try @WolfTechnology

Do I have vending machine as first wired device or second?

second, it is wired form a device.

It should work with any item!

What device is first? :eyes:

Vending machine first.

So two vending machines?

@WolfTechnology I think @Tobias7454744745 is still a bit confused

Correct! Am still confused!

What are you confused about?

I want to know how to make the max cash cap per player updated but @WolfTechnology says that the vending machine is second then he says it is first. How does that work tell @WolfTechnology this okay?

I am back, and the way i worded it does sound confusesing, ngl. But I have made the system and it does work the way I said it in the update.

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