Massive help needed!

My friends and I were preparing to record a trailer for my game in which one person needed to be on the opposite team (the monster) but everyone was on the same team. Can someone please help so the trailer can be successful.

tried it but everyone is still on the same team

Did you put the map to cooperativate, use a lifecycle (Game Start), a relay (Random player), and a team switcher? Oh and make sure the wires are: Lifecycle to relay event Occurs > Relay and the relay to the team switcher relay > switch team

oh yeah, I forgot to do that so nvm foxy it does work

Everyone is still on the same team and I have everything set up

Can I see your system?

if that doesn’t work then do this:

lifecycle x1
relay x2
team switcher x2

lifecycle: game start

random player

all other players

team switcher01
specific team
team 2

team switcher02
specific team
team 1

lifecycle, realy01: event occurs —> trigger relay
relay01, team switcher01: relay trigger —> send player to configured team
relay01, relay02: relay triggered —> trigger relay
relay02, team switcher 02: relay triggered —> send player to configured team

Screenshot 2024-05-05 1.03.10 PM
This should work, right?

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a trailer you say…I can be of some help

wdym like the recording and editing and uploading

yeah I can help with whatever you like honestly

so I have the randomizer on but sometimes the monster spawns with the others

So would I have to send the game c0de (wont let me type code)

i have the same thing in my map, and it doesnt work

Screenshot 2024-05-24 10.14.10 AM
how do it make it where we don’t spawn in the same area

There should be a setting in the spawn pad device where you can limit it to one team.

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