Mark Rober Crunch Labs - Need help

btw, you might want to cover your tabs and your name.

Around 7:15 Eastern Standard Time I will be ready

Ok… I can’t. Can you, @I_Like_Props, @Legobuilder, make a nice prototype with @I_Like_Props’s map? you guys can use the canva.

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Will you repost the link for the canva?

Oh Whoops I see it now


Can you mark a solution to this? it is mostly solved.

We have enough help, but we sort of need help to make the fireman’s pole move.

Can you recreate this in my map? code will be on canva

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just use teleporters and metal poles, use this guide on how to do the teleporter part.

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Ok, what should I mark as the solution?

Whatever post you found the most helpful. That is what it should be.

oh dang i cropped the screenshot why didn’t it work when i clicked capture screenshot?

I could only occasionally edit sometimes. Right now the only good times are after school from this thursday to next monday then finals so idk what me schedule will be.


Can I just say: people have been incredibly helping me! I love the forums thank you @here and everybody else! My time here from Halloween onwards, has been great thank you everybody!


Maddy bakes cakes, that has a nice ring to it.


Sorry I was not able to help I had to do many things before I was allowed but then it was to late.


Don’t use the here ping,

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Everybody, just stop replying I want this to be the last reply to this post.

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