Mapmaking: the little things

Man I wish I could do design… I use two different layers for everything and only use props if I’m messing with sentries. I might have to outsource…

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Try making an accual bridge instead of the log, it mill look much better. And make you water fall look like this, and try to keep it one tone and one layer, but were it looks like two.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll consider it.

Your Welcome, and great designing, not many people can make insanly good looking art.

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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, but yeah! Would I add this, or would you?

To make a post a wiki you must be at least TL3.

I am TL3. Also, go right ahead, @Lolo! anyone who wants to post something productive can go straight ahead.

I would; but sadly I am not a “Regular” yet. Please send to me if you do decide to do it! :smile:

TL1 users can edit a wiki post. You can edit it because you are @trust_level_2.

Ah, I did not know this.
Well, my reply still stands; send it when you are done!

The post is a wiki. I made it one as soon as I posted this, partially as an experiment.
You are welcome to edit it yourself. After all, you are the master of the third dimension.

May I ask, Im a new regular and I want to know how to make a post a wiki, how do i do that.

you can only do it to your own posts.
Click the three dots, then the wrench, and then “Make wiki”. try it on the post you just made.

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Ohh I see! I’ll edit it when I have free time.

Sorry; I haven’t participated or learned about forum wikis so I might of asked a lot of dumb questions.

No worries! I’ve done that too.
I don’t remember some of my earlier posts, but I know I asked a LOT of dumb questions, especially to NavyCatZ.


Layered BUMP

I’m also amazing at layers, check the 3D art post

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Layer 1: B
Layer 2: U
Layer 3: M
Layer 4: P
Layer 5: !
Layer 6: (I’m out of layers)

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If you want to get technical, there are 14 layers, so… [1]

  1. 1 for the background, 5 for the floor, 5 for walls, and 3 for props and devices. ↩︎



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this was needed

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