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Hey I need help for a cool idea for my trailville thumbnail. I think I want something new. Also could anyone play trailville I’d like that.

We may need more detail

welcome to the forums @HP7divergent46THG12!!
sadly, codes aren’t allowed here, so nobody can play it, however you can do that on the wixsite.
for the thumbnail help, can you give me a quick rundown on what you’d like it to look like? i could make a quick sketch for you.

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Well trailville is a game we here you collect and sell seeds to get money and I want a new thumbnail for it

I would like it to look like a gim surrounded by about 6 seeds and some trees in the background with an evil plant hiding in the trees

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What do you want for it?(I’m not going to make it, I don’t make thumbnails. People just need more explaination.)

I just want a picture that has my map as the thumbnail but not a screenshot of my map bc I don’t really like that
Sorry if I’m not giving enough explanation I’m not too good at explaining stuff

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Here is mine


welcome to the forums @HP7divergent46THG12 but you cant advertise your game here

im making on right know! @HP7divergent46THG12

hey guys I’m back @HP7divergent46THG12
I have a thumbnail that i just made and it looks like this:

I don’t know which one I should do

If I ever want to change the thumbnail I will do the other one

sound good but in the caption of your game can you credit us

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Welcome to the forums! @HP7divergent46THG12!

Here is a thumbnail made with Kleki. The only big downside with Kleki is that it’s painful to convert to a JPEG on a school Chromebook.

btw credit me if you want to use the Image



hey @HP7divergent46THG12 i think you should like mark a solution now because you have a lot of options

i like that one up the quality of the background maybe with ai or something but otherwise i like the idea/concept

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