Map that was working fine completely bugged now

So I was using my undead infection map and for some reason everything just becomes bugged. It used to work perfectly but now it just doesn’t work. Why is this happening

Can you give more details?

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Try Seeing if you have like no memory on your computer and if so you should make some room for memory or Good Luck

ok I will

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Like when you would get knocked out you would get a few weapons now that doesn’t happen and you do not glow red anymore

Also you get 14700000 cash when a zombie KO someone. It didn’t do that before

Thats The Reason Why

I’ll try the memory thing and see if it is ok

Maybe try clearing your cache? Sometimes things can start acting weird if you have a corrupted cache.

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The memory is 15% so ye im fine

ok ill try but idk if the map would change bc of that

what is giving the weapons?

It happened to me before and that worked but it doesn’t seem to work for everyone

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