Map Suggestions Part 2 (Gimkit Creative)

Hello, New Update About The Map suggestions. I haven’t choose what to work on so I am just going to copy & paste part 1 of the Map suggestions so you know what its about and stuff. so yeah. (I didn’t even get that much yesterday like I think only 1 which was a user called William so I hope there will be a lot on this one)

Map Suggestions Part 1 (need to read if you didn’t read last post)

I Know someone is doing something similar to this. but I wanna to do it too. because it sounds really fun and I am kinda bored. so if you have any map suggestions I can make then tell me. but also tell what can of game play/game mode it should be! like RPG or FPS or Roleplay/Hangout etc. So yeah. just send me any map suggestions and I will make it. (I will also show progress & say what part I need help with.) (and also feel free to send map tips/help in the comments!)
(Friends will also help me working on the map!)
(Btw I will also pick which map to work on! I will also credit people that I choose to do there suggestions!) (I will give a update later today if I get any new suggestions.)

Thanks for Reading, and start submitting map suggestions! - SoulsNotFound

@SoulsNotFound Here are some ideas that I have tried:

  • Laser Tag, with friendly and enemy sentries to play with
  • Bank Robbery, with puzzles and Questionners along the way
  • Gamemode based on a large historical event (I am making a D-Day map)
  • Bedwars, where when a bed is destroyed, give enough score to end the game (could be replaced with Capture the Flag)
    Hope you find these helpful!