Map size: a basic knowing of the (__x__)

Does someone know the length x width of the gimkit creative map?



Thank you so much! I appreciate it :pray:

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how did you know?

It’s just a fact. It was measured at some point.

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Has anyone ever made use of the giant map size?

it’s impossible, your memory data will get in the way (if someone can, contact me)

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Every map that is that large has a lack of detail, players can’t find each other, and/or the game is just boring.


True. I wish that the size would be reduced in favor of memory. I’m being kind of off topic so I’ll stop.


Josh stated it, like, a day after Creative’s release.


I have made use of the large map size with a giant Hall of Updates.

send me the code i want to see it.

~638x~638 measured with a waypoint.

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That’s meters, not tiles.

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What code are you talking about?

what is your game called?

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