Map room ideas for game

I’m currently making a map where there is a team of kids who try to stay over night in a game building. And the other team, our guards who try to capture the kids before they can mess around. I already have two rooms. An arcade. And gym. I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas for some rooms to add.

an office

a server room (with all the techy stuff for developing)

cool secret entrances to other rooms

a meeting room

a statue of a video game character

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Great idea @Txme_Lxss

A Basement, a Bedroom where the Kids start in.
You should also rename the Guards team to the Parents Team.

There’s this, so guards would probably be better

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Yes that’s what i was going to say thanks

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What about a vault with loads of classic and valuable games? Like N.E.S games?

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