Map Not Publishing!

The title is more unique so you can actually search it up and find it.

I smell pennies

I love that meme (Should probably stop before off topic :frowning_face:

Ah, a man of culture, I see.

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Yes, yes, thank you. (Plus it’s 10PM for me and this past week i’ve gotten NO sleep.)


maybe it has a similar name to other games so it wont show up when u search for it, but if you recently published it and its not in the recently posted area then idk
also welcome to the forums, 2256631761 !

I definitely know that reason well sadly you just wasted gimbucks sorry but I know the problem…
If Your map has the same name or the same thing in it it will most likely trigger filters and make it so after it leaves new releases you can’t find it in discovery ex: My Map Plays Called it One Way In

Just Ask My Constant Emails To Gimkit

Yep @HP7divergent46THG12 Thats the reason

Tragic sorry for your gimbucks loss :headstone::rose:

Your good cause after emailing gimkit a lot they actually refunded me

It should show soon sometimes you might have to wait a while although this has pretty much every reason?

If this topic closes, I’ll make a “Map Not Publishing Part 2” to continue to discuss there.

Thanks, @Shade I’ll try that.

No, just keep this open. We don’t need to make anything else. Tips from me: tinker with the things that are published. That might change things enough so that it is shown. Add tags like Txme_less said (not pinging for reason). And if all else fails and you cannot find it, ask Gimkit. (Old me not realizing that it is by description and not finding my map, then unpublishes it to get it to show the next time and fails again) if it doesn’t work, keep this open.

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Hello, is anyone there?

Did it lock you out?

@ClicClac @Shade @SirWyWy @Li1_reaper @Floppy @th3_ca1tsune, where are you?

Just go to Map Not Publishing Part 2.

Ctrl F, Map Not Publishing Part 2, and you should find it. :wink:

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