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So I have a map. It works. It just doesn’t have a name. So there are 5 zones. The 2 ones at the ends are vortex’s and echo’s. The ones in the middle are capture zones. Except, you don’t get points from those. You get to tag other people (not for middle zone) and it also turns into your flag capture zone (its a ctf). In the middle, there is a government shop and a mafia shop. Both sell all types and rarities, but the government’s is much more expensive, but when you die, you get to keep your weapon. I need a name for this, though. Any ideas?

Crazy Capture? Sorry, I don’t have many ideas.

Yeah… My mind is a barren wasteland concerning ideas. AND THE PI PFP IS BACK!!!

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Feudal clans: A rivalry of the century.

Cool Name, but it really doesn’t vibe with the map. I’ll post the link on the gimverse wix.

Capture Catastrophy

Is there a theme to it?

Demented Disaster: a clash between the clans.

Mafia Wars, Gang Wars, BBS(Big Bad Street) Mafia War, idk just some ideas.

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B^3 (Big Bad Byway)

This was *5 months ago. Probably don’t need to help with something from September of '23.


Maybe they have a map they have in reserve? But yeah, please don’t necropost.

Flag Battleground maybe

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I named it Capture the Flag: Mission Getrithekd.


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