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I’m trying to make a layout for my map, but I need help. It’s a game that will be like FNAF and Observation Duty. I need a layout that will work well with cameras, but isn’t too big so that you can’t get lost.

I have some ideas

  • an arcade
  • a school
  • military base
  • house

use these if you want

no, i have the idea of what it is. it’s going to be an office building. I need help coming up with the actual LAYOUT of the building.

I can’t help you because I don’t have any ideas here.

i mean, thats fine.

Maybe have like an archives in the left wing of the structure on the basement floor, with a generator room on the right side. On the ground floor, have like an entry hall with the stairs leading up, and a storage room behind the stairs. The next 2-3 floors could just be normal floors, office desks and chairs, floor 5 could have a power room and a break room, and the top floor could have that security room.

Nine Rooms Like A Grid:

  • Top Left: Cafeteria
  • Top Middle: Office One
  • Top Right: Office Two
  • Middle Left: Bank Vault
  • Middle Middle: Accounting
  • Middle Right: Manager’s Office
  • Bottom Left: Archives
  • Bottom Middle: Entry
  • Bottom Right: Emergency Exit

Try and make use of adding hallways, if you can’t figure out how to start, create a center room and add two “T” shapes, then work from there to connect rooms. Here’s an example map that I made for you to help you understand.
Do you see the Ts? There are open ends on each side in case I would have wanted to add more rooms there.

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this is great, thank you!

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