( Map Ideas ) :)

so I already made a post like this but the idea I was going to use didn’t work because the tree I wanted to use for the dark forest didn’t really look that good and I can’t find my original post to ask for more ideas

you should do an escape room or an obstacle maze with sentries or lazers or both

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the game I’m making is a second part of the first and you get put into a portal as a cliffhanger so I need it to kinda make sense :slight_smile:

but a make sounds good for the first level I will right it down thanks :slight_smile:

@Astro-123 do you have any ideas :slight_smile:

You can make a arena where you can fight custom bosses @jelloboss

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I could add that at the end of the maze thanks @Astro-123 I’m also going offline for a minute

I will be offline in a minute too @jelloboss :slight_smile:

ok see you people soon :slight_smile:

try making a terraria!

Screenshot 2024-03-11 2.03.31 PM

I’m back @Astro-123 and for @SR-71Blackbird it would be hard because we don’t have levels or the right terrain for it but thanks for the recomendaition :slight_smile:

once they release the platforming we will

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I can’t wait for it!

what did you need to do in the first part before the portal?

also do you at least have one idea for a part of the map? cuz you said that u wanted to add a maze?

yes I was planing to put a maze and in the first one you go through a series of dungeons to deffeat the dungeon king then the witch tricks you to take the dungeon king title