Map ideas for the my new gamemode: battle of the elemets(not advertising)

I need some map ideas for my map

what do u have so far?

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you should add element combinations


water, earth, fire, air. long ago, the four nations lived in harmony, until one day, the fire nation attacked.

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bruh, they took that from avatar :skull:

true, but anyways, you should add a power where you can temporarily turn off peoples gadgets. Except yours.

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Welcome…again. This is your 2nd friendly reminder that stating the name of your game is not necessary for us to help you and is considered advertising. :expressionless:

Putting “not advertising” doesn’t make it not advertising. But your still new soooooo… :roll_eyes:

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Create a fortnite style building where you can build ice walls! (super difficult and relay heavy though)

OP, you have provided zero details about your current features, have no direction as to what you want in your map, and have no clear end goal/product.


Make the hydrogen element give the player more energy?

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