Map Ideas for my battle royale platformer

I need some map ideas for my platformer battle royale.
Once I get 4 ideas I will put them in a poll sometime soon.
and whoever’s idea wins, I will add your map to my game, and credit you.

so is it like ssbu + fortnite?

Make the game’s theme jungle, and add enough hiding spots to make it feel like a real jungle.

scatter crates around the map that has loot inside

How about you make the walls close in like a poison gas?

how about instead of respawning immediately, you run a 10-second parkour course, but if you fail the parkour course, you don’t get your items back after dying?

If you don’t have a general direction for your game, why don’t you check out other posts in ideas?

maybe I should’ve clarified more.
I want a map that you can battle in inside of the game
like there will be a map selection
and you would pick your map

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so it is ssbu like other maps

but in platformer

You could change the map settings so that, when you are “knocked out,” you are a spectator. If you don’t like this, connect a counter to a team switcher, and after so many “chances,” you are changed to the “spectator team.” Also, you could have shops, with more powerful items at the top. For example, common items at bottoms, uncommon higher up. Also, refill stations at all of them. Also, connect them to questioners, so you have to work for it. You could also have a currency found around the map to bypass these questions and buy them directly. You could have a (player-closable) pop-up that has 2 calls to action: “Buy With Questions” and “Buy With {Insert Currency’s Name Here}.”

Also, creative idea, keep up the good work! 2 thumbs up! :+1: :+1:

So, is this still alive?

i guess so
bc we are keeping it alive

what about a arma 3 game map