Map ideas for game

I started a project this time it will not get cancelled because it doesn’t rely on platformer. The main idea is based off of piggy(this is a Roblox game), I’m designing,

  1. a pre-game lobby
  2. a in-game lobby for map voting
  3. at least 3 maps

I need ideas for themes, mechanics, things you can change about the game like the amount of people that are infected, and fun challenges

For people who don't know what piggy is

it’s a game where you run from piggy and have to find keys to open a door to escape. I’m not the best at explaining these things if you’re completely lost you can go play it on roblox

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are you doing infection mode, player mod, or bot mode?? (or are you going to make a mode voting system)


the host will choose
no bot though

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Maybe you could make some sort of maze in the pre-game lobby?



for infection you could add an antidote that a player can use on an infected piggy. (i dont know if this is already in the game its been years since ive played it)

as for maps if you dont want to go the route of copying actual piggy maps you could do an abandoned medieval villiage, a spacecraft (you could also hide items in space for this one and have a breath meter when somebody goes into space), or just a forest

also an island where you have to get on a bot to leave (you can do a similar breathe meter underwater for this one too), an old bank, or the simplest route of them all: a family home


OR SPLEEEEEEFF!! (i dont know how you would actually achieve this in top-down i just love spleef)

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This is a idea for a medieval village


I need to limit the amount of maps I use so poll

  • abandoned medieval village
  • halloween/horror
  • spacecraft
  • Christmas/snow/holiday
  • other not listed here reply
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i think the abandoned medieval village is the best i would love to play that game


WOAH- piggy!?!? i forgot about that game, didn’t know people still cared about it lol
anyways, for the in game lobby maybe make it similar to the actual game? like have the players frozen in place, (with barriers) and a barrier on the above layer so you wouldn’t see the gims?
sorry if I’m explaining this badly

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To make the key part, where you like open the door? You could have a hidden vending machine connected to a button, and fund it?

Lets keep this on topic. Thank you.


Maybe a mechanic, (ive never played piggy) maybe a meter that drains over time, and as it drains, you see strange things, not too strange, but just like mirages like a gim with wings but then its a water bottle, stuff like that.

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Maybe a farm for one of the maps? Frightful Farm or Frantic Farm or something like that. It could be distinct from farmchain very easily and already has the props.

What would you call the game? Also, if gimkit ever release the snowysurvival device, use it.

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game names
and fun challenges

@ABCD definitely if they do it would probably be nerfed though most likely limited options like the sentry skins

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Maybe a tag game but you cant know who the tagger is unless it is you. The game could be called “Hide From Who?!”

And maybe random barriers that lock you in a room and you have to find a button?

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A challenge could include multiple enemies, needing a faster reaction time, lights out/darker screen, slower movement, etc.

poll closed clear winners are medieval village and spacecraft any name suggestions?