Map Idea for Me


What sort of game do you like to make?

Fortnite Map, there so cool

NO. I’ve never played Fortnite, and I never will.

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RPGs… But what type?

No. Too common, too easy

What sort of games do you like to make? What games have you made so far?

Why do you still have a Santa hat?

Yeah, I don’t do Fortnite. (COUGH COUGH MY PFP SAYS WHY)

But, maybe you can do Protect the Vip

Goal is to protect the vip. Protectors can choose from a loadout, and the enemies can too. Protectors have 1 life, enemies infinite. You must escort the vip to a certain area then protect him for at least 3 minutes after. You have 5 minutes.

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Space game where you can launch rockets to the moon, go to the ISS, send rovers to Mars, etc. (based off one of my games).

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Maybe try DnD, or make a DOD Vs. WOW with good lore.

That’s a REALLY good idea…

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Everybody loves good lore…

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The thing is I’ve never played DnD

Maybe you can make a pvp game with wacky amounts of different characters to choose from

Each character has their own unique thing, like abilities, hp, and gadgets.

That might be boring for you though, I suggest gimsolvers idea.

I think I’ll do DOD vs. WOW.

I miss the old days


Seems interesting, definitely will play! :+1:

What abojt winter survival game? You ahve to survive the day?

Thanks, @GimSolver!

Just saying, you’ve really grown up from before I left! From off-topic-er to forum helper!


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