Making you die when on team two and enter zone

what it says up there

Respawn. The respawner is the key to this. When player enters zone, transmit on “respawn.” And the respawner respawn the player on “respawn.” The, when on team 2 part doesn’t make sense to me tho.

or you could make it so that there is a teleporter and wire the zone to the teleporter

player enters zone>Teleport player here

Channels are better. They don’t use any memory and are cleaner. And in the title it says “die.”

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if your on team two you die but not if your on team one

Zone, a wire repeater, and a few lasers. First, set the wire repeater to only let signals through if they come from team 2. Then, wire the zone to the wire repeater. Player enters zone → repeat the wire pulse. Then, in the laser’s settings, have it inactive on start. Wire the wire repeater to the laser. Repeat the wire pulse → activate the laser/lasers.

Make a forced area that if you step on one of the triggers, and it can only be triggered by team 2. That if you trigger it, you die.