Making Scores with Capture The Flag

I made the leaderboard scores for the captured flags. However, i want to know how to make the exact score, like when team 1 captures team 2’s flag, team 1 gets a point or if team 2 captures team 1’s point, team 2 gets a point. How do i do that?

Also, how do i make a counter that shows how much flags a team has captured?

Just connect a counter 2 the flag and have the counter update a property. then set leaderboard to track said property.

Yes what @Brayden_Shelton said wire tag capture zone or whatever they are called to a counter. When flag captured increase counter and that counter is linked to a team scope property like team score

This guide should help

Also make sure the counter and property are team scoped.

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Forgot about that thanks @getrithekd

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