Making OP military vehicles with wepons

+help too. So, @Magenta_Dragon 's guide has some errors. 1st of all, the power of it only goes up to 5 minutes. and for the help part, i need help having sentries (test subjects) for the absolute power i have with evil eye.

Instead of making a new topic on the subject, try replying to @Magenta_Dragon’s guide!
Hope this helps, JellyProductions.
To answer your question, though, could you elaborate?

I didn’t even look at his guide lol

tried, she unresponsive. additionly, she didn’t include sentries in her guide.

Could you elaborate and quote where you would like help? Thanks!

Screenshot 2024-04-18 7.40.43 AM
when game start, sentry dont do nothin. i tried enabling pvp and whatever with no luck.

So you’re trying to get the sentry to fire at you?

doesn’t give you the right to make another topic, please close this, if they choose not to reply there, this won’t be any different, just be patient.



pronouns are important guys

my whole fandom is lgbt, how’d ik?

You do realize that Magenta’s a he, right?

i just said that :person_facepalming:

Didn’t see it, you posted that at the same time. Pretty annoying when that happens, since that just makes you look like you’re repeating something that isn’t necessary.

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Please delete this, if you’re gonna point out flaws in a guide, right a reply there, not a new topic.
Be patient, if Magenta doesn’t wanna respond, a new topic won’t change their mind.

yes, i am. this’ll help me out with my war map

ok, i’ll delete this once jelly gives me a guide.

Have you made sure that gadgets in the zone are enabled?

Try changing the sentry team to “Team Sentry”. If the sentry is on a team, make sure the spawn pad is set to “Team 1” and “Team 2” etc Cetera.

yes. still nothing :\

ok, perhaps that’ll work. i’ll get it done in perhaps 2 hrs

ok, deleteing this now. thx, jell! (upd: idk how 2 del my topics lol)