Making Laser tag gamemode called Beta and need help with the map size and devices

I don’t understand how to make it look and how to make the devices work :sweat:, so can anyone help me :confused:? and I changed my mined about the Tag Your It so yeah :sweat_smile:

Laser tag!

You can use the arcade floor tiles, and make it look like an arcade!

Search up images of real laser tag arenas for inspiration!

Search around for guides to help you out!

That’s some tips to help you out, if you need a better explanation, cause I’m horrible at it, I bet someone else in the community can do it better.

What exactly do you need help with? I can link a guide if you want…

I need help with the look of it and the devices like the zone, guns, shop, questioner for exp, and the bosses.

what’s laser tag? is it on Discovery or OWO (One Way Out)

Here is a guide:

If you want to stick with the theme of LAZER tag, a good weapon could be a zapper. Like @Txme_Lxss said, you could make it look like an arcade. You could also make a futuristic theme. The bosses could drop rare weapons when defeated. You could buy more powerful guns using energy or money you gain from eliminating players.

Quantum portal and slingshot kinda fit it too.

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The best one though would be the blaster imo.

Maybe those two could be upgrades from the shop

Or could even be from a sick boss battle or a rare drop from eliminating other players

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If you understand please mark a solution

I had an idea that the arcade is 80’s style

or like airsoft, but instead of pellets, is lasers!