Making barriers (capture the flag)

So I want to make a barrier so people can protect a flag in a capture the flag game would appreciate help and If someone knows how to do it i can send them the code to help me

Button pressed → run check. Button pressed → item granter subtract energy, Button pressed → show prop. Or use an item granter instead of a button.

Like a buyable barrier? If so:
Place a barrier/prop
not enabled on game start
have a vending machine transmit on channel “buybarrier” or something
vending machine purchased → Disable barrier/prop

button pressed → check if the player has x amount of cash

if check passes → activate barrier → take away x amount of cash with item granter.
if check fails → open popup

make it deactivate on game start

to make it not enabled do i just do the visible on game start??

Yeah, not visible on game start


So i want to make like 50 barriers 25 for each team but i dont think there can be like 50 shops so should i add invisible buttons right in front of the invis button so they can just buy it there

visibile hides it, theres an option to disable the barrier, called “Active on Game Start”

really?? can u send me a sc ??


set it to no and it wont be there.

noo not that barrier the PROP barrier


Yeah, for a subsitute do this:
Button pressed run check
The check checks if the player has enough currency
Check passed take away how much it costs
Check passed activate prop

visible also works as on/off

i never knew my bad sir

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And SS of what?