Making An Arcade Map

Hey!! I’m currently in the process of making a map where you’re in an arcade, and there’ll be functioning games. What are some arcade games that you think would look good and work well with gimkit’s coding system? Already planning to add: “Hoops” Game, Pac-Man, Duck Shooting
Feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind! Ideas with scoring and map design would be awesome as well!

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An example is Galaga where you shoot the monster enemies with a spaceship. It takes place in space by the way. Feel free to search it up.

Two words: space. invaders.

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Space Invaders would be a great idea! Not only would it look awesome with the “Space (Moving)” terrain, but the sentry device would be handy when it comes to shooting AI! Thank you for the suggestions, and thank you for the welcome!

Galaga would be an interesting game to add! Let me know if you have any idea for how this would be implemented, as Galaga is a complicated game.

claw machine if you could get it to work

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I was thinking about that. Perhaps pop-ups for controls?

Good idea, @Dean. Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to the forum! How about Donkey Kong if you are up to the challenge of making jump physics?

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I’ll consider it!! Thanks for the reccomendation!

No problem! Make sure to mark a solution!

UPDATE: If anyone would like access to edit the map, I’d love to have some help with scripting and all that! I’m more of a designer than a coder!

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You can post the code on the wixsite, which is:

Same @cheesebox, I can’t code but I can make really good maps.

We would be happy to help! Just post a question and there will be a lot of people who are willing to help!