Making a nation system

I’m trying to make a game where you control a nation and try to take over other nations by using resources. I need a way to make it so that when you own a part of a nation you can get the resources however when you lose control of the land you can no longer get the resources, i also need a way to make a system to place factory’s in owned land to make better weapons to defend or attack. Can someone tell me how to make this system?

hmm…. I think @Blackfox45666 did something like this, lemme ping…

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like what resources are you planning for the zone to give? i can make this system easily (well not the second one) but i havent done it b4 i think…

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that is a tricky one… Im going to test something out really fast

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Make a team property for each country. This will identify the team that owns it. Make a block using concatenation to broadcast to a relay relaying to the team in the team property. Now, make an item granter grant items when receiving on the relay. This does assume that you know how many teams there are.


ok basic idea… its a capture the flag ish game and when you capture the flag the enemies flag doesn’t respawn and you get the resources from the nation ( still need to figure out the resource part though)

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I will try this and see if it works thanks !

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what if when u r owning a nation, u r holding a flag,
and when u r holding a certain flag, you’d get resources
this would prevent you from controlling other nations though
unless you went more into it, maybe

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