Making a manhunt game mode

hey so is it possible to make a manhunt game mode in gimkit creative?

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Yes. It is, but can you be more specific about what you want?

If you need a 1vAll setup, look at this:

yea i should have been more specific i want it to be sort of like Dead by daylight where the hunter captures the runners and keeps them locked up in a cage, and other runners can free there teammates, they win by repairing 3 generators

Yes I think so
If you want the player to be tracked

So this is like cops and robbers?

You could make a waypoint on the spawn pad where the hunter spawns.

Should they tag or KO the runners to capture them?

i have it set to just KO the survivors

Ok. Can the survivors KO the hunter? If not, I may have a solution.

in a way kinda but i had it in mind to be like dead by daylight


Then you should place a trigger where the hunter spawns and connect the trigger to an item granter which grants a weapon.

no i have it set to where only the hunter can hurt the survivors

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Just connect the item granters to the relay that changes the team…

Then don’t grant any weapon to the survivors.

Is it like snowy survival?


Ok. Put down a lifecycle, set to run when knocked out, and connect it to a team switcher to team 3. Put a tag zone for the running team with respawn turned off, and it should be wired to a trigger with the wire settings when player tagged → trigger, with the trigger being triggered by the wire. Add a block inside the trigger, and use an if block, with some thing like this in the conditional:
(There will be no knocked player’s block, use the triggering players team number block instead)

Broadcast message free. Then make a team switcher that activates on channel free, switching the person to whatever team the running team is on. You can put a team 3 spawn pad at the cage.


You could make it so that the hunter has weapons, and when they knock the runners out they respawn in a cage that only other runners can free them from.
Alternatively, you could have a map setup with lots of triggerable barriers that the hunter can hide in and then trick the runners into running into.

Hope this helps

Do you need anything else?