Making a host room in a game

Iā€™m making a lobby and I want a host-only area where the host can spectate on a different layer, I am trying to find a way that a barrier can deactivate if the host is entering the room and activate when players try to enter it, I have attempted zones and looked through the barrier but both of those items do not have block code availability, Please help!.

use pseudo teams!
give the host an item.
use the zones as you had before.
wire the zones to a checker checking for the item.
if check passes ā†’ deactivate barriers.

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Wait, so do you want the host to be able to play the game at the same time?

Or do you just want a custom room for them to spectate the game? (and do admin powers)

A game start lifecycle only applies to the host. This gives us an opportunity we can take advantage of.

Lifecycle (Game Start) ā†’ Deactivate Barrier (Player-scoped).


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