Making a game deliberately unfair (no, it's not what you think)

I’m a fan of a game called Rain World. To summarize, post-apocalyptic ecosystem, you’re the prey; try to survive. It’s a precision platformer and easily one of the hardest games ever made (personally, I’d put it above the level of dark souls stuff, but that’s off-topic). This is primarily because it’s designed to be unfair. I don’t mean “really really hard,” or “incredibly annoying and frustrating,” I mean straight-up unfair.
To give an example that happened to me fairly recently, I was on a very tight time limit (the reason is in spoiler territory) and was fleeing from a Red Lizard, the most dangerous enemy in the game. I barely made it into a pipe and planned to go back through the second the lizard was in the pipe (this is called pipe-juking and is often the most efficient way to avoid certain predators). When I came back through the pipe, there was suddenly a Red Centipede that wasn’t there before that was barreling towards me. I didn’t even have time to react before I was dead.
If you think that sounds like a terrible game, you’re not alone. Rain World is known for being extremely punishing and unfair to the player, which gives it a bad reputation.
You could say that it takes away the position of power that you usually enjoy in games.
My question is: is it okay to create a game like that --one that takes away all of the power that you’re used to having? And if so, how would one go about doing it?
Thanks in advance.

Yeah it’s ok to make a game like that. You might want to limit a player’s speed or not let them have time to rest and regroup.

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What about making it so the player is always OHKOd by anything that hits them?

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Maybe players will be hurt from enemies more than usual, like not displaying the health bar in the settings and lowering under normal, so they die more than usual.

Giving them one HP and no shield is the easiest way to do that.

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Sorry, but could you please explain what this part means?

Giving them 1 health and no shield -ClicClac

Thanks for the suggestion.

Probably lowering the starting amount of HP.

In the Map Settings under health and shield, you can hide their health bar so they can’t see how much health they have, and you can edit the amount of health they have in small intervals as well. You can also edit shield.

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Are there any other good methods to dramatically increase the difficulty? Is making the sentries use a simplified form of machine learning doable?

I don’t think so, but you could speed up the time they take to shoot and their accuracy.