Making a barrier reset

I created a barrier that will open a door (remove a bookshelf) using a vending machine and requiring a key. How do you make it reset again once a player has opened the door/moved the barrier?

if it’s like a secret room, then player leaves zone>activate vending machine i think

oh yeah and you need a wire repeater to deactivate it once purchased

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Would I need to add a second barrier to do that? I already have 1 barrier with vending machine hiding the prop once purchased.

Wait, what’s the Barrier for?
Couldn’t you just use the prop to block the entrance and just show the prop again once the player leaves the zone?
(Ignore my previous answer, it would keep blocking the player’s entrance/exit to the other room even when they purchased from the vending machine already, a zone would solve the problem.)

The barrier is a book shelf that leads to a different room. I have it set up to where the door disappears when the vending is activated with a key to hide the book shelf prop. But I want it to where once the player does this, the book shelf and activity reset for the next player.

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Oh, I thought you meant the Barrier device.
In that case, you only need one barrier, or in this case, a bookshelf.

Set the Vending Machine “Maximum Purchases” setting to “1.”

This’ll make it so that the Vending Machine can only be purchased once for each seperate player in the game.

Now, place a zone in the entrance of the room.

Connect the zone to the bookshelf blocking the entrance.

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Bookshelf Prop) Show Prop

(You don’t need to change the scope)

This’ll make it so each individual player can only purchase from the Vending Machine once, it’ll show the prop (bookshelf) blocking the entrance so the next player will have to purchase from the vending machine again to hide the prop (open the entrance.)

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It works! Thank you so much!


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