Making a among us style game that

there is a random player picked has a murder and every 20 seconds they swich with another person?

you can use a relay and a counter and a repeater. sorry if I don’t put the settings and wireing

Switch locations? Or switch to become the murderer?

If it’s the second one, use a repeater (or a trigger, depending on if you know how to do loops) set to 20 seconds and then wire that to a relay set to all players on a certain team (set the team of the murderer) and then wire the relay to a team switcher (set the switcher to the non-murderer team). Then have another relay connected to the repeater that is set to random player then wire that relay to a team switcher (set the switcher to the murderer team). That should do it!

If it’s the first one, you can’t teleport players to other players locations so that is currently Gimpossible (as far as I know).

among-us is only for guides. I removed it.

Okay, then do what I said.