Make popup for imposter and crewmate

I’ve tried everything but I still can’t get it so that imposter and crewmate get a popup about what they are. Can somebody just tell me how to make it so that the imposter which is on team 2 that was in the guide gets a popup and the crewmate gets a popup? That also will show the kill overlay in the killing guide by Karl.

Wire the relay that makes one random person switch to the imposter team to a popup.(Relay trigger, open popup). For the crewmates, make it so that all players on a specific team(your crewmate team)relay is wired to a popup.(Relay trigger, open popup)

How do I make it apply to the killing system that Karl made? How to make killing for Among Us (Difficulty: 🟧)

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I don’t know…Sorry. Try asking @WolfTechnology or @Haiasi .

didn’t you already have a help topic about this? What @BreathTaking said should work…but idk how it would affect the killing system, if it just switches the players to spectator…

BreathTaking, read Blizzy’s bio…you may not be too happy about it…

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Yeah, my way should work, unless you made the imposter be chosen without using a relay…

I read @Blizzy 's bio😱, read mine @The_7th_Dragon

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It did work but I’m waiting for a response about the killing system and then I’ll close the topic. The way about the popup worked though.

Is this the post from the discord i was told about?

Yeah. I need help with killing system.

ok, so are you useing a guide?

So this is the killing system where…you tag them and they die?

BreathTaking yeah I did…read mine…the WOW will never win!!!

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The ultimate guide by Haiasi. I just need help with configuring only the imposter can have the kill button and it also shows a popup.

… I have made the button, but it working, i haven’t done…

Using a relay for only one team…should work…then trigger a popup after it…

I need help with kill system by Karl not popups anymore BreathTaking solved my popup issue I need help with killing system.

Well, just have the overlay activate the tag zone, then have a wire repeater deactivate it and give the cooldown…

hey do you want me to j0in and help out? (do not put code here but use link on my profile)

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WODS is good too, but it’s only discussion
DOD is deadly…


What was your problem with the system, @OBUSSIN ?? It should work…



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