Make a popup when imposter is decided

I’m following the ultimate among us guide that Haisai made and I’ve set up a team system I want it so that when the imposter is decided the imposter gets a popup and the imposter is on team 2 I want everybody on team 1 to get a crewmate popup, I’ve been getting several errors with this. Any help?

Well… have you tried troubleshooting? Also we need some more details (images)…

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs --> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger --> (Popup) Open Popup

Is this what you did?

Yeah I did that for both sides, and all of them are showing 1 popup when i use multiple accounts.

Are the popups the same?
What are your relay settings?
Can you send a picture?
Are you using channels?

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Use a lifecycle for game start that broadcasts to a random player relay. This should both pick the impostor and show the popup.

this is the relay setting for crewmate:

and pop up setting for crew mate

Yeah but when I did killing it show popup for imposter but imposter couldn’t kill but crewmate could

I’m not using channels because I don’t know how to configure them.

Are you having problem with the killing?
That might be a scope or relay setting issue.