Make a popup show up for teams

make a popup show up for team 1 only team 1, not team 2, and make a popup show for team 2 only team 2, not 1 my team settings are cooperative btw I’ve tried wiring a lifecycle to a relay to a popup, and changing relay to all players on a specific team and that didn’t work, any help here?

What exactly happens?
Does the popup not show up?

it shows a popup for both of the teams can you put the exact layout on how i should put them

The only reason for that would be if you set the Relay to all players.
Can you recheck?

Your wiring should be like this.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger —> (Popup) Open Popup

If it’s cooperative, there are no teams.

no there are, it’s team 1.
the impostor gets switched to team 2 from a random player relay.

Oh, this is Among Us?

I think.

um, we can see ur email.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.
Either your Team Setup is not working or your wires are wrong.
Can you turn on and off the leaderboard to see if there are two teams?

There are 2 teams on the leaderboard I’m just trying to configure to popup.

Wait, does the crewmate or impostor popup show to everyone?

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What’s the relay audience?

They showed it in the screenshot…

Make sure it’s on all players on a specific team.

It’s the crewmate I wired popup to imposter decided relay then wired relay to killing game overylay its only the crewmate though.

Did you wire the Team Setup Relay to the Popup?

Is the crewmate the only one able to kill?
Both of the Game Overlays should be Team-Scoped and must be Shown using the Team Setup Relay.

It’s the imposter I ended the game it showed popup for crewmate but it could kill and when I ended the game it was on team 2 sorry for late reply

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