Machine gun glitch

I have a machine gun sentry that is invisable

What’s wrong here?

Could you explain what exactly is happening

it should be a gif but it isn’t
there is a invisible sentry with machine gun shoot speed

Reload your game, restart your device, or check your network

could you circle where the invisible sentry is?
unless the sentry is the one that is, well, visible

that was the wriong image

i will get the right one

Also, it has machine gun-like firing speed since it has a blaster. Blasters fire the fastest.

that was the wrong sentry
too many for the quantum portal

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WOAH. that’s a LOT of Quantum Portal ammo. Try deleting and replacing the sentry.

and fix the firing rate in its settings because WOW

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ok i’ll try to

if it works, mark solution.

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